Diamonds are sparkling like the frozen dews. On an iris with a pearl – you have to choose!


A golden devilfish – amazing brooch. Will help you make the right approach!


Brooch-pendant-cameo on a dress Bringes bright ideas to the press!


A cat is dressed in a casual suit! It's sparkling muzzle looking cute! Fine turmalines shine in the eyes A brooch with gems… Are you surprised?


A marvel stork has come to you from sky, its little belly carries tourmaline… This sparkling bird can definitely fly, to help you getting long awaited dream!

bilder broschen 950x300 blau 01 (09)

On Rutil quartz a diamond star – A gift of glamour as you are!

bilder broschen 950x300 blau 03 (02)

An Amethyst fairy's elegance of line Completes an outfit of stylish design!

bilder broschen 950x300 blau 04 (03)

Brooch-flower reaching for the sky Will make your day on 8th July!

bilder broschen 950x300 blau 05 (04)

Dress for the evening attractive and lovely With morganite beetle looks modern and brightly!

bilder broschen 950x300 blau 06 (11)

A hat from agate – rare, clear stone Amazing gift from jewelers well-known!

bilder broschen 950x300 blau 07 (05)

A brooch with opal, emeralds and garnets A Muse has brought to you for special banquets!

MG 7911

Jafarov happy to present a pink flamingo- brooch and pendant! All precious stones are fluorescent. A worthy piece for your descendants!