Leyla Jafarova

Leyla Jafarova is an Azerbaijanian lyric poet, currently living in the Czech Republic. For many years she has been enthusiastic about the art of jewellery design.

Leyla Jafarova, jeweller and author, oversees the production of the high-profile JAFAROV creations, which are more than just glittery accessories. The necklaces  from JAFAROV are a sparkling galaxy of stars. The jewelled brooches are a creation inspired by brilliant wildlife, wild and exotic with hypnotizing colours.

As an author Leyla Jafarova published her first lyrical collection “From Alfa to Omega you are precious to me” in 2010 under the name of Leyla Begim in Russia and in Azerbaijan. Her second lyrical collection “Seasons of love” was published this year, in 2011 also in Russia and in the Czech Republic. “ Poetry is my greatest passion. It opens my senses, touches my soul and gives me strength for upcoming challenges. To combine poetry with high class jewellery was only a logical consequence of creative intuition”, says Leyla Jafarova. Every piece of JAFAROV jewellery tells a story and transmits a sense of uniqueness to those who wear it.